Nicholas A. Yager

Estimating Epulopiscium Sp. Type B Chromosome Density Using Computer Vision

21 Apr 2015

In addition to the epidemiology presentation this morning at SUNY Geneseo's 9th Annual GREAT Day symposium, I also presented a poster with Matthew Taylor on the use of computer vision in the localization of fluorescently labeled genomes in the extremely polyploid Epulopiscium sp. Type B. As a test-case for this technology, we used the coordinates for the localized chromosomes to estimate the chromosome density for cells during different life stages. For those interested, the poster is a good read.

As a part of our presentation, we presented a 3D model of chromosomes localized from a cell that forming daughters. The model is rendered in WebGL using the three.js library with support for both mouse and Leap Motion control.

Figure 1: Live demonstration of 3D chromosome distribution generated using computer vision. This figure is a live 3D demonstration of the spatial structure of an Epulopiscium cell's chromosomes. This model can be rotated by clicking and dragging or by using a Leap Motion. No, seriously. Try it.

The demonstration was a hit with students and faculty alike, and our poster was selected for academic excellence and will be displayed in Milne Library until next year's GREAT Day.

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